Wedding Proposal with Engagement Ring

Madeleine The Magician now brings
Passion and Romance to a New Magical Level.


Performed and Arranged
aka Madeleine Renee

Imagine proposing marriage to the person you love, with magic! Madeleine The Magician through her stunning magic, will create a once in a lifetime memory. Your engagement ring touched with your romance and passion, materializes magically creating your perfect moment to say, “Will you marry me?” “I Do”! Why is Madeleine The Magician’s Magical Marriage Proposal so popular? Because not only will she perform your Proposal, but she will also arrange its location, original music, video and so much more. This special day that you have chosen to ask your love to marry you, will be perfect! Madeleine will learn how and why he or she has captured your heart. She will listen as you share moments of extreme importance and relevance. Then based on all of your sentiments, Madeleine The Magician will suggest the most magical, most romantic setting and location in which she will create, your Magical Marriage Proposal.

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