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Madeleine The Magician
"The Pied Piper of Magic"

Finally the “Real Deal” - Madeleine The Magician! Finally a real magic show for kids! Close your eyes and imagine a kid’s magic show where all kids feel special, remain riveted, get excited, can’t wait to participate and your child, “The Star” of their own party. Now open your eyes and see Madeleine The Magician! Now close your eyes again. Think of a magician and a magic show that is not only impressive, alluring, exciting, intriguing, involving, engaging, sophisticated, mesmerizing, fun and appropriately appealing to adults. Now open your eyes and see this charismatic, multi-talented female magician named Madeleine The Magician!

MTM is highly respected and considered by her peers, one of the best magicians. Her walk-around and close-up magic simply put is stunning. This female magician involves her audiences as no one else can. Madeleine puts the P in Pizzazz. She is truly one of a kind!

Madeleine The Magician, aka Madeleine Renee, has invented The Magical Marriage Proposal. She brings Romance and Passion to a new magical level. Imagine the person you love and desire to marry being proposed to by you, while Madeleine, through her beautiful magic, creates this very special memory of a lifetime. WOW! Totally UNFORGETTABLE!

Madeleine The Magician's performances for all ages of Birthday Parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Communions, Christenings, Schools, Weddings, Office Parties, Libraries, Trade Shows, whether they are large or small events and functions or private or corporate, always add an unexpected degree of magic at its best! Recently, after her performance held by The United States Bicycle Playing Card Company in order to promote their new Bicycle Card design to be used in The Poker Tournaments, The Brand manager said of Madeleine, "I will never get tired of seeing our cards used in amazing ways, and you, were a real thrill." Cabaret Hotline called her, "A Sleight of Hand Expert...and A Great One At That!" After a Wedding Reception, both the Bride and the Groom had to come over to Madeleine and express their joy. "Our guests were so impressed with your magic that they were not waiting until the end to tell us so." "We watched as classical magic was blended into a unique style.” “Her energy and professionalism is a joy and a breath of fresh air.” “It is astounding to be sitting in the audience and watching everyone and I do mean everyone, totally captivated and involved”. "No one even remotely comes close to the magic that Madeleine The Magician displays both as a magician and as an entertainer." MTM received this accolade after performing at a teenage celebration: "Well you certainly know how to handle a room full of wise guys. Those know-it-all, been there, done that, 13 year olds were left with their mouths hanging open." Madeleine has the unique quality to meld the art of performing and creating innovative magic with her special approach to audience participation. Her magic shows, whether they are held in a small private setting or in a large public setting, are always perfect for the group for which she performs. If the magic show is for a small or large birthday party for young kids or older kids or teenaged kids, or kids with disabilities, it will be age and ability appropriate and perfect. A dad said, "As I mentioned to you after the party, I was truly stunned by the success of your performance. Everyone, from the adults to the older children to the toddlers was involved in and completely entertained by your performance." Parkside School said of Madeleine, “To capture and hold the attention of our special needs children is truly a talent…obviously one that she possesses.” “Madeleine The Magician’s live dove productions and suspending of children and adults in mid-air are amazing!” When Madeleine The Magician performs for adults, she always includes her astounding card magic and mentalism. After Madeleine's 1 hour and 15 minute all Harry Potter related Magic Show performed at The Ossining Public Library's Harry Potter 6th Book Event, Ben of Ossining, NY said to his mom, Cindi, "This wasn't a magic show. It was an adventure!" When Lady Magic Productions, Inc. produced Madeleine The Magician's Magic Show, DAZZICAL Beyond Abracadabra, it was called the most complete concept of Magic Show ever produced. These quotes are all from actual letters which may be viewed on her website in their entirety.

Madeleine The Magician’s, The Harry Potter Magic Circle was electrified when it was completed! MTM began her Harry Potter Event performances with a performance for J.K. Rowling at her First Book Signing in the USA which was for her second book and then completed this circle when she performed at The 7th and final Harry Potter Book Event for RR Donnelley, the publisher. At this event, these publishers said that they "expressed to Madeleine The Magician, their sincere thanks for the exceptional work that you did at our Harry Potter client party."

Madeleine is hugely grateful for being so well received in the world of magic which she loves and adores for not only being one of the very few female magicians, but for being considered one of the best! She believes that everyone in life is given a gift and magic is hers! When the horrific events of 911 occurred, her immediate response was to share her gift as only she could. She gave magic shows to the New York Fire Department, the New York Police Department and the New York families of the 911 survivors.

She has also performed for religious foundations, schools and major corporations such as American Express, A&E Television, FAO Schwartz, Coca Cola, Warner Bros. and many more. In addition her magic has been performed on many other major television stations such as WNBC-TV, WABC-TV, WCBS-TV, PAX-TV and OXYGEN. MTM has also been requested to perform for many of the famous celebrities. When Michael Jackson passed, MTM was invited to perform at several Michael Jackson Tributes one of which was held at BB Kings in NYC with Joe Jackson. When J.K. Rowling makes her special appearance for the Borders Books Harry Potter Event, Madeleine The Magician is specifically requested to perform. When Barnes & Noble had their annual Harry Potter Event, they too requested Madeleine The Magician. She has performed for many of the Hollywood A-List for which Madeleine is under confidentiality agreements, Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York and her foundation, Ivana Trump, The Dream Wish Team at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, The Coalition for the Homeless, The Kabbalah, Living Legacy, The New York Foundling, The New York Center For Abused Children and on and on. “Giving back to those who are less fortunate and in need of a smile” is something that MTM holds dear.

At all of Madeleine’s magic shows, it is a given that you will always hear kids yell out: "You are Magic!" "How’d you do that?" "That’s impossible!" And from others you will witness gasps of amazement. Her shows which include beautiful white doves, her Suspension/Levitation in Mid-Air, other illusions if deemed appropriate and audience participation are unbelievably over the top magical, thrilling, exciting, alluring, involving, engaging, fun and perfect.
There is no end to this multi-faceted performer’s talents. Her creativity brings a new dimension to all of her magic, tattoo artistry, balloon sculpting, face painting, sing-a-longs, and magical fairytale and theme parties.
Madeleine has now incorporated the services of other clowns, caricaturists, tarot card readers, palm readers, circus performers, jugglers, stilt walkers, face painters, balloon artists, puppeteers, huge balloon display artists, DJs, photographers, and singing telegrams.

If you are looking for the best magician, a magician with pizzazz, a magician that takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary, then look no further than Madeleine The Magician, the Magician’s Magician. If you are looking to include other performers in your party, function or event then look no further than Madeleine The Magician’s company because she incorporates the best.

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