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Harry Potter event at Barnes and Noble Harry Potter Barnes and Noble

Harry Potter Magician at Barnes and Noble Book Signing


Your Child is "The Star" of His or Her Party

Madeleine with girl  Madeleine hovers the party star

Dove Magic



MTM with Large Groups of Kids

The US Open

Show for many kids

Magic Moment


party with MTM

Warner Bros



At Corporate Trade Shows

Face Painting

Face Painting

 Happy Clown

Walk Around Magic


At The Children's Room

Face Painting Happy Clown


Madeleine The Magician Logo

Madeleine The Magician

Finally the “Real Deal” - Madeleine The Magician! Finally a real magic show for kids! Close your eyes and imagine a kid’s magic show where all kids feel special, remain riveted, get excited, can’t wait to participate and your child, “The Star” of his or her own party. Now open your eyes and see - Madeleine The Magician!

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, walk around and close up magic go hand in hand. As this charismatic magician performs her magic at the tables endlessly for hours or as these teenagers are standing around, the magic which Madeleine The Magician performs will be sophisticated when necessary and always engaging, mesmerizing and perfect. At these events, Madeleine always includes her Suspension/ Levitation in Mid-Air. And as the pièce de résistance, if there is a Candle Lighting ceremony? She promises to perform something that will make you "Kvel

Madeleine The Magician who is known as "The Harry Potter Magician" performs Harry Potter Magic Shows that are beyond magic. She is the magician who performed for J.K. Rowling at her very first book signing in the USA and has since been the magician requested to perform at all of the Harry Potter Events. On the eve of all of the Harry Potter Book 12:00 Midnight Sales, Barnes & Noble would hire Madeleine to perform at 4 of their stores and ending at their flagship store before midnight. If your kids want a Harry Potter Magic Birthday Party? “Wingardium Leviosa”!

Madeleine The Magician’s special gift is her special ability to reach kids with autism and other learning and emotional disabilities. She has performed for the HASC Schools, the Pie School, Parkside School, P.S. 4 - A Special needs School, Jewish Education For Special Needs Children, The School for Language and Communication Development and so many other schools in the Tri-State area. "The JESC would like to thank you for your wonderful performance at our annual breakfast. Your warmth and sensitivity to the needs of our special children made it possible for all of our children to be involved in and entertained by your performance. The children's big smiles and shining eyes told us just how much they enjoyed your show."

Madeleine The Magician who is known as "The Harry Potter Magician" performs Harry Potter Magic Shows that are beyond magic. She was the magician who performed for At all adult and corporate parties and events, her walk around and close up magic is always sophisticated, alluring, intriguing, engaging, mesmerizing and mind-boggling. The United States Bicycle Playing Card Company wrote after having Madeleine at one of their events, "I will never get tired of seeing our cards used in amazing ways, and you were a real thrill. When Madeleine The Magician performs her full Magic Shows she will include her incredibly beautiful white dove productions, audience participation, mentalism and illusions.

Magical Marriage Proposal: YES… Imagine watching a magician perform. Then while standing with the person you love and want to marry, Madeleine The Magician, within a wonderful romantic moment, tantalized with passion, produces your ring. Hands it to you. And you propose.


Challenges you to


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IMPORTANT: Madeleine is constantly asked if she performs for kids? The answer - YES! Not only does she perform for kids, but she has different magic shows for very young kids, young kids, older kids and teenagers. And your child will be always be "The Star!" of his or her own magic show. MTM has also been given the gift to be able to reach kids with disabilities with her magic. She has performed for so many of the specialized schools in the Tri-State area. Schools such as The HASC School, The Parkside School, The Pie School, The Jewish Education For Special Needs School, PS 4 and The School for Language and Communication Development


The Harry Potter Circle Is Now Complete!

Madeleine The Magician began performing at these Harry Potter Events by performing for J. K. Rowling, at her very first Harry Potter Book signing in the USA which was for her Second Harry Potter Book and on October 15, 1999. Then when a magician was needed to perform at the 7TH and final Harry Potter Book selling, the only one considered was Madeleine The Magician. And what was truly MAGIC was that it was held at RR Donnelley, The Publisher of The Harry Potter Books!


Harry Potter Book Signing

Madeleine The Magician is regarded as one of the Best Magician.  She was the only magician chosen to perform at the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter book signing at Borders Book & Music Cafe and the book selling at Barnes & Noble. Since then she has performed at all of their Harry Potter Events and Shows.

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MTM and Joe Jackson

Madeleine The Magician and Joe Jackson at The Michael Jackson Tribute held at BB Kings

MTM with Sen Sampson and Joanne Bobb

Madeleine The Magician with Senator John L. Sampson
and Joannne Bobb at The Bobtek Annual Event


MTM at
The David Yurman Townhouse Opening


MTM at An Event/Holiday Party on The Spirit of New York


Strolling Magic at a Trade Show

Close Up Magic at a Wedding Dinner

Close Up Magic at a 40th Birthday.


A Night At The Museum

At The Museum Of Natural History's Closed Night Red Carpet Event, Madeleine The Magician was chosen to perform 3 hours of walk-around and close-up magic for the STARS.



Cards in mid air

Card Magic

Madeleine The Magician has invented
"The Magical Marriage Proposal™"
And Brings Romance and Passion To A New Magical Level!
Your Engagement Becomes Magic!


It has been my tradition to post new and exciting Madeleine The Magician happenings. In keeping with this, please click to view the latest write up – Newspaper Article and don't miss Madeleine The Magician's Original Interactive Dazzical® and don't miss Madeleine The Magician's Card Trick.


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